How do I register to bid?

– Go to https://postfallsautoauction.hibid.com/auctions/
– Click “Login/ New Bidder”
– Create a username and password
– Enter your current address
– Scroll down to “payment options” and enter your credit or debit card information
– Once you have your username and a card on file, you are set to bid

How do I bid?

– Make sure you have followed the steps above to get registered to bid.
– Clicking the “Bid” button to place a bid will give you two options. You can either select to bid up in the next increment that is auto populated OR set your Hi-Bid.
– A Hi-Bid allows bidders to set a maximum bid and continue to participate even if they are unable to be actively bidding. Setting your Hi-Bid does not automatically bid you up to that point, you must have another bidder bid against you first.

Bid Increments
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.

$550.01-$4,900.00 $4,900.01-$9,750.00 $9750.01-$97,500.00

– You may pre-bid on items up until they go live during the auction. Pre-bidding gets some of the bidding done on an item before it goes live, and lets the bidder make sure they are properly registered to bid. It also allows the bidder to place a Hi-Bid.
– If no pre-bidding has occurred on an item, the lot will start at $300.

** As an example, at 1 Oam when lot 101 becomes available for live bidding, online bids change from pre-bids to live bids and the current winning bid will be where live bidding starts. Hi-Bids that have not been met will stay active as more bids are placed.**

– From the homepage on postfallsautoauction.com, click the orange “Auction Catalog” tab in the upper righthand corner. This will transfer you to the Post Falls Auto Auction catalog on the HiBid website.
– On this page there are multiple ways that you can get to the full inventory and details of the current catalog.

l: Click on the upcoming auction date above the photo of one of the items in the auction, it will say for example “4/24/21 Auto Auction”.
2: Click on the photo of the item for the auction listing.
3: Click on the words “View Catalog” on the bar below the auction information.
4: Click “Lot List” in the options area where “Auctions” and “Auction Map” can also be found.

-You are also able to view past auctions on this same page by clicking “Past Auctions” at the very top of the page. (Please note that “lot passed” or “make offer” inventory from past auctions is only available for purchase the week after the auction.)

What order are the items auctioned off in?

-All the items up for auction will be numbered starting at 101 and be sold in numerical order. Each lot will last roughly 1-2 minutes and be bid on by both online and in person bidders.
Our website has a button on the auction catalog called “Live Webcast Auction”. As an online bidder, if you click on that during the auction, you will be able to hear our auctioneer live and follow along easier using it.

Can I preview the cars/ Where are the cars being sold?

-All vehicles are sold from our auction location:

Post Falls Auto Auction
1094 N McGuire Rd
Post Falls, ID 83854

– Our preview days are held the week of the auction only, during the following times:

Thursday and Friday 8am until 5pm (hours may vary during winter)

Saturday 8am until 9:30am before the auction

**No children under the age of 14 years old are allowed on the lot**

Are the cars taken on a test drive and what do the remarks in the catalog mean?

-We test drive each vehicle unless stated otherwise, and notate issues found that could not be noticed during a stationary inspection. We do not test vehicles over 40 mph, nor do we test 4-wheel drive capability. In example, if the engine knocks, but the vehicle drove fine, we DO NOT notate that in the catalog.

Catalog Remarks

“FRONT END ISSUE” -This generally pertains to the suspension or drive train components of the front end.
“REAR END ISSUE” -This generally pertains to the suspension and drive train components of the rear end.
“TRANSMISSION ISSUE” -This could mean the transmission slips, is stuck in one gear, etc.
“RUNS ROUGH” -This means the engine was underperforming while on the test drive.
“UNDERPOWERED” -This means the engine isn’t supplying the normal amount of power to the vehicle. Normally these items take a while to get up to speed, or they may not get up to speed.
“FRONT END NOISE” -This generally pertains to an abnormal engine noise.

Is the auction open to the public or do you need to have a dealer’s license?

– The auction is open to private parties and dealers alike to both consign and purchase items.
– You must be 18 years old or over to bid and purchase.

What do I do after I win a bid?

– Visit our front desk at 1094 N McGuire Rd Post Falls, Idaho.
– You will be required to be here to sign legal documents needed to purchase a vehicle and transfer a title. If you are unable to complete these documents in person, a VIN specific power of attorney will need to be completed and notarized, then sent to us. Transport will also need to be arranged by the winning bidder and arrive no later than the Friday after the auction. Please call for further questions related to this.
– A 25% deposit is due Saturday, the day of the auction, and is non-refundable.
– The remaining 75% of the total invoice is due by no later than the Monday after the auction.

What fees are associated with buying a vehicle?

10% buyer’s premium
$75.00 document fee per titled item
$14.00 title fee per titled item
6% sales tax (no tax charged to out of state residents, except for on non-titled items)
$40 out of state title fee per item for purchasers outside of ID, WA, and MT (This fee is used to rush title vehicles into Post Falls Auto Auction’s name so that titles can be sent directly to purchaser.)
$10 30 Day trip permits are available to non-Idaho residents (Idaho residents will receive a trip permit with their title transfer paperwork.)
-There will be an additional 2% processing fee on total balance when paying by card or check*

How long do I have to pick up my vehicle?

– You have until the Friday following the auction to pick up the vehicle. If you will need a transportation company to pick up the vehicle for you, please be aware that we will need to have all paperwork and payment completed prior to that.
– Any persons leaving an item past the following Friday will accrue a $50 per day storage fee.
– PFAA is not open Sundays for pickup and only open on Saturdays while an auction is taking place.
– Hours of operation for pickup are Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm.

Does Post Falls Auto Auction supply transport of a vehicle?

-PFAA does not supply any kind of transportation. It is solely up to the consignor and purchaser to arrange transport of any items brought to or taken from our facility, and within the appropriate timeframe. A list of viable transportation options can be provided upon request.

Does Post Falls Auto Auction supply trip permits or temporary registrations for purchased items?

– If you are a resident of Idaho, you will receive a temporary trip permit as part of your title transfer paperwork. The length of this permit is typically 3 days, as you can immediately go in to register.
– If you are an out of state resident, you may purchase a 30 day trip permit for$ l 0. Only the purchaser of the item may buy a permit for it and MUST have a valid driver license to do so. A state issued ID card and other forms of ID do not validate a trip permit.

When will I receive my title and how do I register my car?

– If you are a resident of Idaho, you will receive a copy of a set of paperwork that you complete when purchasing the vehicle. This is a pink carbon copy of the Idaho 502 Title Transfer Application and allows you to immediately register your vehicle prior to receiving a title for it. Idaho’s time for processing and sending out titles varies and can take 30-90 days after paperwork is submitted.
– If you are a Washington resident your title paperwork will be sent to a Department of Licensing of your choice, in the county you reside.
– If you are a Montana resident your title paperwork will be sent to the Motor Vehicle Department in the county that you reside in.
➔ Title work can take PFAA up to 30 days to complete and mail out. Your DOL/MVD will contact you by phone or post card when these documents arrive. Once you have received notification, we recommend promptly going down to register and transfer the title into your name to avoid accruing fees.
– If you are a resident of any other state not mentioned above, you will be charged an additional $40 title transfer fee. This fee is used to rush title the vehicle into Post Falls Auto Auction’s name so that a title can be sent directly to you. PFAA does this to avoid any potential issues that could arise when dealing with unfamiliar licensing departments. This can delay receiving your title, however it is sent directly by 2Day FedEx signed into your name once we have it.